craftsmanship - integrity - passion

These are the values we hold dear to our work. We strive to use the best equipment and work-flow creativity to our clients as possible. Our integrity not only defines the way we conduct business with our clients, but also the integrity of our products to the clients individualized story. We have a passion for what we do. We truly believe that when a person is passionate about what they do, it shows in the work they accomplish.

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

- Linear style documentary wedding film incorporating key moments that matter to you from your wedding celebration

- Audio of vows, readings, and key moments interlaced within the video to tell your story

- Separate full wedding ceremony video/audio capture along with toasts included

- Music licensing included

Our goal is to create an artistic, linear style documentary of your wedding celebration to include audio of your vows, readings, and other key moments that matter you. We work tirelessly to tell your story in a way unique to you, with a focus on capturing details and interactions that define your wedding. This style of video incorporates audio within the video by means of two wireless microphones and a shotgun microphone used on a camera. In order to capture vows and select audio, the groom will have to agree to wear the microphone lapel. It will be placed in a discreet manner. *We use industry leading music providers to meet our artistic vision such as Marmoset, MusicBed, and SongFreedom. Specific personalized music may be also available, but royalty and licensing fees may be the responsibility of the clients.

things to ask your wedding videographer

Even if you do not choose us to capture your wedding, we still think it is important to share a couple important things you should ask. With the growing number of DSLR video ready formats, make sure you are getting the proper value and safe-guards in capturing your day.

What happens if the memory card in your camera fails or crashes?

We back up our video that we capture in real time thru the use of dual slot recording. This way if the primary memory card fails or corrupts, we have another copy of your precious moments already backed up. This is extra equipment and monetary cost for us, but offers our clients another safe-guard for their footage.

What type of cameras and lenses specifically will you use to capture the footage?

We use the full-frame/non-crop sensor Super 35mm professional Canon C100 Mark ii. The C100 Mark ii cinema camera delivers high ISO low-light performance, wide dynamic range, and a professional video output - in simple terms, a better image than anything you will find on a DSLR. Additionally, shooting in C-LOG allows us to capture beautiful colors and skin-tones thru post-production color grading. We shoot in prime lenses from the Rokinon Cinema Series and Tamron G2 Series. Shooting in prime lenses helps us achieve the soft look and dreamy feel to our footage.

When do you expect my video to be completed?

We aim for delivery within 4 to 6 weeks of your wedding.

Who will actually be filming my wedding? Do you outsource clients to other videographers?

Alex and Erica (bios on main homepage) shoot our weddings. We do not hire or contract outside videographers - they love working together with couples to craft their story. Typically if they are both not available, we will not take the job. Jeff serves as an emergency backup videographer for us.


One of the best decisions I made while wedding planning was hiring Focal Imaging. I had planned every detail of our wedding day for over a year, and in the blink of an eye-our wedding was over. The vows were said, the cake was cut, and the party people had gone home for the night. Luckily Focal Imaging had captured it all. I knew I was in good hands with Focal Imaging from the moment we met to discuss my vision; I am no artist but luckily they are. They beautifully captured all the details I wanted on our wedding day and so much more. Alex and Erica are professional, personable, flexible, and quick to respond to all questions and emails...which is especially helpful while wedding planning. Focal Imaging even had our video ready by the time we got home from our Honeymoon! Thank you so much Alex and Erica!
— Jenny
I love the flow and feeling of the ad...this ad captures the Wild and Scenic of the river. Thank you again!
— Brian
Since the wedding day does fly by so fast, they captured a lot of the moments we missed or forgotten. I’d pay any amount of money to relive our first look. Thankfully they captured it beautifully. Being so in the moment you don’t realize all that is going on. They were there to help highlight those memories.
— Matt
They captured our excitement, joy, and love...we will treasure it forever!
— Erin
We typically pay $15,000 to $20,000 for the advertisement you produced for under $2000. In my opinion, the messaging was more authentic and the video quality looked better than what we typically receive from other companies.
— Mike
We wanted to thank you again for our wedding video! We’ve gotten so many compliments and everyone is genuinely impressed with the quality and editing. We love reliving the wedding. Thank y’all!!
— Andrew